A General Introduction to Wenhai Experimental School 

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Wenhai Experimental School is a new educational institution not only in the sense of its short history but also in its special kind. Innovatively conceptualized in 2004 and beautifully constructed in 2006, our school enjoys an environment that is rarely matched. Our children are immersed in a cultural, scientific and technological atmosphere that is created not only by our explorative learning and teaching, but also by the colleges, universities and high-tech corporations in our immediate community. In the rationale of our syllabuses, we conceptualize the development of our children as a locally constrained as well as globally-goaled experience as they proceed in the nine years here from the primary school to the junior middle school.

Wenhai Experimental School is located in Xiasha Higher Education Zone and Xiasha Economic and Technological Development District. It is officially sponsored by the local government. The administrative committee invested 0.1 billion RMB in the construction of the school. Wenhai Experimental School covers a ground area of  64450㎡ and a construction area of 8845㎡. It has a designed capacity of 78 classes, 38 of which are primary school classes ranging from grade one to grade six (ages from 7 to 12) and 42 of which are junior middle school classes ranging from grade seven to grade nine (ages from 12 to 15). At present, we are offering 33 primary school classes, 18 junior middle school classes. We also have 4 international classes in  Grade One and Grade Two. Besides, we have a bicycle competition training class。 The total number of students are 1700.

Our leadership and staff are highly competitive since they are employed from all over the country after strict interviews and appraisals. All the 158 staff members are licensed and hold bachlor’s degrees. Among them, 5.1 percent (8 teachers) hold master’s degrees, 8.9 percent (14 teachers) are senior middle school teachers and 8.9 percent (14 teachers) have received honorary titles.

    We believe…

The focus of the school is on the development of the whole children. We nurture them with the world civilization and cultivate them to be intelligent, knowledgeable, creative, peace loving and happy persons. We do everything possible for that type of learning to happen. We regard school as the place in which students understand their own culture and their national identity, and as the location in which children are motivated to recognize their effort, their individual differences and their progress.

Teachers are good role models. They play an important role in fostering the intellectual and social development of children during their formative years. Teachers should form a positive attitude to the children and have a passion for their teaching profession. Teachers should create and provide an environment to facilitate learning and guide the children to probe into knowledge and form their own ideas. Teachers should set goals and find opportunities for professional advancement and remain current in their area of expertise.

Learning is constructive. Learning is best achieved in a positive, supportive, challenging and motivating environment. All children are capable of learning and expressing themselves while their individual differences are recognized and conditions for learning are set. Through solving problems, enquiring and challenging tasks, children are able to find the nature of things, form their own concepts and become creative learners. In a harmonious learning atmosphere children are fond of learning and learn how to appreciate others, how to cooperate, how to respect and be respected, how to love and be loved.

Based on the philosophy, our educational practice has been witnessed and fully recognized by our children, the parents and the community. Children grow both spiritually and academically.

Wenhai is adopting a global approach to curriculum by applying for the implementation of PYP program. We plan to launch PYP programme in the autumn of 2010 by starting 2 grade one classes and 2 grade two classes. The ages of the students will be ranged from 6 and 7. Each class will consist of 20 students at most. Then in each following school year, two more classes will be added. We are going to apply for the MYP and DP programmes in 2011. Our goal for 2014 is to establish an independent IB campus with specialized IB staff. The independent IB school will follow the complete IB course system from PYP through MYP to DP.

   Through the implementation of IB programmes, we hope to find an interface between the education in China and the education in the world. By doing this we want to make sure that our children can enjoy the highest quality of education and can be fully developed. And by doing all this we will greatly improve our education and achieve our goals of making significant contributions to the creation of a better and more peaceful world.







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